Child Protection
The RFU and RFUW have a moral and legal obligation to ensure that, when given responsibility for young people, coaches and volunteers provide them with the highest possible standard of care. Through the implementation of a policy for the Welfare of Young People in Rugby, and the support of its coaches and volunteers, the RFU/RFUW alongside a growing number of governing bodies, will maintain the professionalism and safeguards of good practice which are associated with the game.

The policy outlines the following key areas:

It recognises the responsibility of all those involved in Rugby Union (professional and volunteers) to safeguard and promote the interests and well being of the children and young players with whom they are working;

It provides a framework on the recruitment, selection, suitability and deployment of individuals working with young people;

It emphasises the value of working closely in partnership with other coaches, parents, professionals and volunteers to protect children and young players from harm and discrimination;

It acknowledges that abuse does take place in sport and that raising awareness and understanding of the main forms of abuse and establishing communication and reporting procedures if abuse is suspected will further safeguard the young players, coaches and all others working within the game.

Our Club Safeguarding Officer is Vicky Broom. Using the Contacts on the HOME page you will see her telephone number or you can e-mail directly with your concerns